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Web Story For Commerce

Optimize the mobile-experience with immersive design and fast-load page story format to create story that performs.
GliaStory Demo_Aritzia.png

Advertise Clearance Sale

Clearance sale can be overwhelming. Highlight your best selling item with story format to attract the audience.

GliaStory Demo_Vacanza.png

Promotional Campaign

Present the exclusive preview of your product in a story format for a more thorough yet compelling presentation. 

GliaStory Demo_Toms.png

Announce Collaboration

Not only to showcase products, a web story format can be utilized to deliver a concise yet engaging message.

GliaStory Demo_Starbucks.png
Food & Beverages

Launch Seasonal Menu

Create promotional materials with video-like experience and interactive features for the ultimate user experience. 

GliaStory Demo_moderncre8ve.png

Product Catalog by Set

Illustrates how the product paired yet manage to provides all of the detail in a digestible story format.

Gliastory Demo_Anko.png

Product Collection Catalog

Display product catalog in story format to navigate the user easier with the swipe-ups feature for every product.

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